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  • Darius Foroux

    Darius Foroux

    Creator of the Stoic Letter (new letter comes out every Friday, exclusively on Medium) | My course on wealth building is now free: dariusforoux.com/ws

  • Aino Vonge Corry, PhD

    Aino Vonge Corry, PhD

    Author of “Retrospectives Antipatterns” Founder of Metadeveloper. Agile coach. Teaching teachers, coaching coaches, facilitating facilitators. I love to laugh.

  • swardley


    I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice. RT is not an endorsement but a sign that I find a particular subject worthy of challenge and discussion.

  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Programmer. Writer (Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development w/ Rails, Programming Elixir). Manifesto for Agile S/W Development. Speaker

  • Nancy Friedman

    Nancy Friedman

    Writer, name developer, brand consultant, idea-ist. Find me on Twitter and Instagram (@fritinancy) and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • David Romero

    David Romero

    A physicist back in the day. A Software Engineer and Technical lead now. Blogger and technology comentarist aspirer. Follow me on Twitter! @dromero_fisica

  • Erik Corry

    Erik Corry

  • Adele Carpenter

    Adele Carpenter

    Thinker. Speaker. Software Engineer. Feminist. Human.

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