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    Ferris Wheel of Turtles

  • Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Software Engineer, CTO http://t.co/exgEQHlNAw, Django, Flask, Symfony2, Rails and a few others.. :) http://t.co/0JcjbQrBPx.

  • Mark Ross

    Mark Ross

    Web developer based in Sheffield. I'm currently working at Inviqa

  • Dan Jay

    Dan Jay

  • clemens


  • Kelvin Meyer

    Kelvin Meyer

  • Joe Farro

    Joe Farro


  • Massimo Iacolare

    Massimo Iacolare

    Web developer, quality addicted. Dabbles in C# and JS. Agilist wannabe, tested climber. When not in front of a keyboard, he's probably clinging to some rock

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